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  • Multi Line Products

  • 1-4 Family Dwellings (Commercial Lines)

    Online quote single locations or schedules of 1 to 4 Family Dwellings. You can quote dwellings owned by individuals or corporate investors for rental purposes.  You can also quote multi-family units even if the owner occupies one of the units.

  • Apartments

    Quote indications for apartments.  New ventures, new buildings or buildings with historical significance are eligible under this program.   Risks with swimming pools can be considered.  There is no cap on building height (risks 7 stories or more must be 100% sprinklered).

  • Arts & Culture/Performing Arts

    Classes: Art Galleries, Museums, Performing Arts and Theater. The  ALL-IN-ONE nonprofit product provides performing arts organizations and art/cultural organizations the opportunity to purchase General Liability, Property, Inland Marine, and Directors & Officers/Employment Practices Liability coverage all through one policy.

  • Beauty/Nail Salon/Barber Shop

    Quote indications for a wide variety of  Beauty & Nail Salons, Barber Shops with professional liability included. New ventures eligible!

  • Child Care - Commercial

    Quote indications for Child Care (Commercial). General Liability, Professional Liability and Child Molestation coverage are all available and there is no liabilty deductible.

  • Child Care - Residential

    Quote indications for Child Care (Residential). General Liability, Professional Liability and Child Molestation coverage are all available and there is no liabilty deductible.

  • Clothing Store

    Quote a policy tailored for stores selling clothing, shoes, accessories or leather goods with up to 7500 square feet. Theft and water damage are available!

  • Community Association Product (CAP)

    Quote indicators for associations (HOA, Office parks, etc). Depending on nature of risk and location, coverage can include D&O, GL, Property and Umbrella. Eligible risk includes associations with fewer than 1000 units and no developer representation on the board.

  • Community Associations

    Community Association Package

  • Concessionaires/Vendors

    Product is specifically designed to accommodate the coverage and pricing needs for a wide variety of Concessionaires and Vendors. Coverage can be extended to include Office or Warehouse locations.

  • Condo Mini

    An all in one package for Residential Condominiums with Five Units or less without swimming pools (not available in FL)

  • Contractors - Artisan

    Quote indications for Artisan and trade contractors with payroll up to $500,000 and up to 50% sub-contracted work. New ventures considered; additional rate credits available based on favorable risk characteristics.

  • Contractors Equipment

    Classes include: Farming, General Contracting, Grading/Paving/Excavating, Irrigators, Landscaping, Plumbing, Roofing, Sand and Gravel Haulers, Tree Trimmers, All Other. We cover scheduled equipment written on an “All Risk” Inland Marine Coverage Form including Theft and Wind. Maximum schedule of equipment is $1,000,000 subject to a maximum limit of insurance of $150,000 per individual piece of equipment. Replacement Cost Valuation is available for equipment up to five model years old. Miscellaneous Tools and Equipment Coverage is available on a blanket basis with a maximum limit of $15,000 or 5% of the scheduled limit, whichever is lower.

  • Convenience Stores/Delis/Grocery

    Quote indications for Convenience, Deli and Grocery Stores.  Alccohol sales less than 75% and gasoline sales less than 75% are eligible.  We will consider new ventures, 24 hour operations, risks with commercial cooking, and up to 4000 square feet.

  • Electronics Stores

    Quote indications for appliance, camera, computer, radio, stereo, television, and video game stores.Crime coverage is available!

  • Fitness Centers

    Quote indications for exercise facilities and fitness centers with up to $2,000,000 in revenues.  Coverages include General Liabbility, Professional Liability, Physical and Sexual Abuse as well as an optional sub-limit for tanning beds.

  • Home Based Business

    Get indications for small, home based businesses with exposures that are either limited or excluded by the ISO Homeowners Product.

  • Janitorial Services

    Your online quote is rated on number of employees. Essential coverages such as GL, Contractors Equipment, Rental Reimbursement, Lost Key Coverage and a Property Damage Extenstion are included.

  • Land Leased to Others

    Get a quote for Land Leased to Others - a product designed for land that is not vacant, but is leased to others for use. Targeting applicants seeking to cover a lessor's risk exposure for their land.

  • Laundromats

    Quote indications for Laundromats.  Available ffor attended and unattended facilities, facilities open 24-hours or facilities offering dry cleaning or tailoring.

  • Lawn Care

    This product offers coverage to a specific segment of the lawn care service industry – the small owner operator that is mowing, raking/blowing leaves, planting, gardening and mulching. General Liability and Contractor’s Equipment Coverage is available.

  • Lessor's Risk Only

    Quote indications for business owner's renting the premises to one of over 100 classes of office or mercantile operations, including buildings with apartments.

  • Liquor Stores

    Quote indications for Liquor Stores or beer distributors with less than 20,000 square feet.  Drive through stores are eligible.

  • Main Street Mercantile

    Quote indications for over 100 classes of mercantile businesses.  New ventures are eligible.

  • Mobile Home Parks

    Quote indications for Mobile Home Communities with up to 150 homes sites per location.  Coverage is available for Mobile Home units that are owned and leased to others.

  • Office Products

    This product provides a comprehensive bundle of coverage for over 50 specific office classes such as Accountants, Advertising Agencies, Answering Services, Draftsmen, Insurance Agencies, Medical Offices, Real Estate Offices, and more.

  • Residential Condominium Unit Owners

    A quote designed for the investor who owns condo units for rental purposes.  Timeshare or seasonal units are acceptable and there is no restriction on the length of time they are rented.

  • Restaurants

    GL, property and Liquor Liability available for risks with up to $5M in annual sales and less than 50% in alcohol sales or has table service.  New ventures are eligible.  Property values up to $1.5 or $500,000 in coastal zones.

  • Specialty Training Schools

    Offering a comprehensive insurance product for specialty schools, including athletic instruction, music training, tutoring services, and cooking instruction, to name a few. Liability limits of liability up to $5M and Maximum Property Values up to $3M.

  • Storefront Community Churches

    We insure houses of worship of all types. We offer an Abuse and Molestation sub-limit and Pastoral Professional within the General Liability. Coverage options include General Liability, Property, Abuse & Molestation, and Directors & Officers/Employment Practices Liability.

  • Truckers

    Quote indications for trucking operations with payroll up to $500,000 and 10 power units.

  • Vacant Buildings

    Quote indications for vacant commercial and residential buildings in total insured values.  Flexible policy terms: 3,6,9 or 12 month.  No restrictions on length of vacancy.

  • Vacant Land

    Quote indications for applicants owning land up to 500 acres at any one location that is completely vacant, not leased to others, and has no construction activity scheduled to occur during our policy term.

  • Youth Sports

    This product has been specifically designed for youth sports organizations with athletic participants up to the age of 18 offering common sports, including but not limited to baseball, basketball, football, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis and golf. We are able to provide General Liability, Property, Abuse & Molestation, Assault & Battery, Hired & Non-Owned Auto, Crime, Inland Marine, Directors & Officers/ Employment Practices Liability and Special Events coverage all on one policy.

  • Professional Lines Products

  • Employment Practices Liability (EPL)

    Quote indicator for EPLI on for profit organizations with fewer than 200 employees and less than two EPL claims in five years.  Product advantages include defense outside the limit of liability and coverage for violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

  • Micro Tek Pak (Technology E&O with BOP)

    (Technology E & O with Preferred Package)

  • Non-Profit Directors & Officers (NDO)

    Quote Directors & Officers along with EPLI for all types of non profit organizations with up to $2 million in annual revenue and less than 200 employees. Coverage features include a seperate & additional limit for EPLI, defense outside the limits and a Lifetime Occurence Reporting provision!

  • Property Managers

    Our unique form is tailored to meet the professional liability needs of both commercial and residential property managers. We offer three distinct coverages, each with a separate limit of liability: errors and omissions, tenant discrimination and employment practices liability. Our product offers coverage for up to 100% ownership interest in personally owned property. Premises Preferred Package is also available.

  • Real Estate Agents E&O (REA)

    Quote indications for real estate agents with 65% or more of income from residential sales and fewer than 15% from agent.  Those with  more than 10% of income from one building or one location/development do not qualify for this program.

  • Specified Professions E&O

    Quote errors & omissions coverage for more than 30 classes of business including claims adjusters, tax preparers, notaries, event planners and more! Coverage includes defense outside the limits, personal injury coverage and duty to defend wording.

  • Specialty Products

  • Commercial Excess/Umbrella

    This product offers broad underwriting authority with available limits up to $5,000,000 on 785 classes of business. Our Umbrella requires no Self-insured Retention. We offer coverage on a supported or stand-alone basis over underlying carriers rated B++ or better. We have a minimum attachment point of $1,000,000 for Commercial Umbrella and $500,000 for Excess Commercial General Liability.

  • Liquor Liability

    Quote indications for Liquor Stores or beer distributors with less than 20,000 square feet.  Drive through stores are eligible.

  • Special Events Liability (SPE)

    Eligible events can be covered for GL, Liquor Liability or both! Volunteers, temporary or leased workers and committe members are automatically covered as insureds. Coverage is provided for Medical Payments and Damage to Rented Premises. Property owner can be added as an additional insured for free!  Not applicable for more than one event.

  • The Long Shot

    Our Long Shot Product is designed to offer Prize Indemnification Coverage for hole in one contests at golf tournaments. Prize value for up to $50,000 per hole and multiple holes can be covered on one policy. Coverage can be for a one day tournament or multiple days. Additional insureds can be included at no charge.

     Long Shot Product Features:

    * If a hole in one is made, an additional 20% of the prize value will be paid to the charity

    * Unlimited prize restoration

    * Competitive minimum premiums starting at $200

    * Ladies permitted to shoot from the regular ladies tee box

    * No deductible

  • Wedding Plus

    Our product is designed to cover General Liability and Host Liquor Liability for weddings. One-day events with 500 attendees or less are eligible. Rehearsal date can be included for no additional charge. General Liability and Host Liquor Liability have separate limits. $1,000 sublimit included for lost deposits and attire.