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Arriaga, IvyAssistant BrokerNew OrleansIArriaga@scui.com504-849-3017
Bianchi, MerlinBrokerNew OrleansMBianchi@scui.com504-832-3653
Campo, BuddyOffice President/Regional DirectorNew OrleansBCampo@scui.com504-849-3816
Cathey, JessicaAssociate BrokerNew OrleansJCathey@scui.com504-849-3822
Kuhn, CherylAssociate BrokerNew OrleansCKuhn@scui.com504-849-3009
Lowry, SherryBrokerNew OrleansSLowry@scui.com504-849-3827
Mehrtens, VeronicaAdministrative ManagerNew OrleansVMehrtens@scui.com504-849-3811
Miller, SuzanneAssociate BrokerNew Orleanssmiller@scui.com 504-849-3012
Moffett, MaryVice PresidentNew OrleansMMoffett@scui.com504-849-3825
Moore, SaraInside BrokerNew OrleansSMoore@scui.com504-849-3011
Nagle, JenniferAssociate BrokerNew OrleansJnagle@scui.com504-849-3025
Ryder-Radillo, HeatherBrokerNew Orleanshradillo@scui.com504-849-3830
Sevin, JudyAssociate BrokerNew OrleansJSevin@scui.com504-832-3650
Turner, KahlilBrokerNew OrleansKTurner@scui.com504-849-3019
Weeks, MatthewAssociate BrokerNew OrleansMWeeks@scui.com504-832-3651
White, LoriBrokerNew OrleansLWhite@scui.com504-849-3812
Whitmore, LeanneAssociate BrokerNew Orleanslwhitmore@scui.com504-849-3821
Whitney, JeromeAssociate BrokerNew Orleansjwhitney@scui.com504-832-3651

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